This is my blog and portfolio.

My name is Nikolaj Shurkaev. I'm a computer programmer. I live in Belarus

My hobby is skating (roller skates and ice skates).

As a programmer I interest in .Net technologies, RDBMS and automated QA software.

In programming I like to learn new. Especially if this is applicable to the real life tasks and projects.

Programmer experience:

C# now()-2005 years.
Windows Forms controls. Writing classes to manipulate Mercury Quick Test Pro.
Experience of .Net Framework 1.1, 2.0 usage.
Reflection, dynamic assembly creation, InteropServices.
VB.Net now()-2005 years.
Server-side business logic. ADO.Net.
ASP (VBScript) 2004-2002 years.
Server-side business logic. ADO, CDO.
ASP.Net only theory (have a BrainBench certificate).
JavaScript now()-2002 years.
Client-side business logic. Experience in finding memory leaks caused by JavaScript closures.
Scripts for IE, different stand-alone utilities and HTA applications.
C++ Basis only. Doing homework tasks given in the University.
After the University writing simple ActiveX controls to be run in MS Internet Explorer.
Writing ActiveX controls to manipulate Mercury Quick Test Pro.
MS SQL Server: now()-2003 years.
Mostly via ADO (ADO.Net). Simple stored procedures and functions.
Oracle: 1.5 year experience. Simple stored procedures and functions.
Automated QA
Mercury Quick Test: Wrote a library to create automated tests in C#.
Rational Functional Tester: poor. Mostly know how to record and run tests.

I work full day. However I look for projects where I could participate to apply my knowledge, get more experience and earn more money :-).

These are my BrainBench certificates (transcript ID# is 5999125):

Took part in the 2nd annual BrainBench games (.Net Framework and VBScript tests).
Leader board is available here.