Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello world!

This is my the very first post.

I've just finished uploading the site source code.


Robert said...

Nice Work altering the theme. I Did the same, only in a more long hand addition (I basically remade each of the image files)

Quick question. Do you know how one would go about removing the title header bar from one of the widgets (ie if you did not want it to have the blue bubble headline area for the calendar widget?


snnicky said...

Hello Robert.

Sorry for the delay.

I didn't pay attention that the comment got into "Hello, World" post. And lost it for 8 days.

It's a pity but I cannot help you with the title on the widget.
Perhaps Andreas (the author of the theme) may help you.

Good luck.

Ms. U said...

I love the Cordoba Green theme, and I'm trying to figure out how to utilize thsi SNNicky GIMP thing (it's challenging to me, because I'm not that majorly code-savvy). I'm looking for anyone who might be able to help me change the hue of my site from the green to a crimson red color. That simple! (but somehow I can't master it :-( .....)

Please help!


George Carrette said...

Greetings from a old Aras Innovator worker.
What have you been hacking on lately?
I just posted some old code to

snnicky said...

Hello George!

Nice to hear you! :)

Hacking? Well... IE7, .Net conrols :)

Thank you for the post.
I'll check the siod.