Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When you may need SiTCE

Possible situations when you may need the SiTCE:

  • You found a WordPress theme in green color and want to make it red or blue instead.
  • You found a WordPress theme with perfect controls layout, with nice rounded corners but you want it to be another colors.
  • You found a perfect WordPress theme, adapted that to your taste by shifting theme hue, saturation or lightness and you want to update theme code easily switching to the latest version of the theme.

In all these cases it is possible to modify the theme source code manually. But if you don't know css and do not want to spend time digging the theme css and if you want to save your time. You may use SiTCE to automate the procedure.

Please let us know what is your experience of using SiTCE.

Thank you.

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